Accepting New Clients

Startups, Software, and eCommerce

At the helm of a startup, software, or eCommerce business? Williamson Tax will cover your tax and accounting needs so you can prioritize your success.

Your All-in-One Tax & Finance Team

Whether you’re starting a new venture or expanding your business, having a trusted advisor to steer you in the right direction is a must. Williamson Tax will help you see roadblocks before they occur, give you a range of solutions to help you grow, while connecting you to a network of professionals in case of fundraising or other financial questions.

The Williamson Tax Advantage

You’re in a flourishing, new industry. That’s why you need CPA professionals with decades of experience under their belt. We’ve perfected our processes to give the most exciting of ventures the most valuable services.

Focus on Your Growth

With Williamson Tax you don’t need to think about non-revenue driving activities. By handing the reins to us, you’ll clear up the space to focus on the things that get your organization moving.

Break Barriers to Success

A small hiccup in your tax compliance or liability can set your business back before you even know it. Williamson Tax takes a proactive approach to make sure you’re not headed down that path.

Get Support Beyond Accounting

With Williamson Tax, you have more than an accountant. You have an expert partner at your hands. You can turn to us for answers, solutions, and other activities related to improving your finances. You can even rely on our network to help you with your fundraising goals.

Who We Help

Our offices are located in the North Austin and DFW metro areas. We also help clients in Dallas, Fort Worth, Cedar Park, and other cities.

Our startup, software, and eCommerce clients include