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Running a business in the hospitality industry? Then you know all too well the stress of managing your taxes. Williamson Tax helps your business grow with expert CPA and tax consulting services.

Your All-in-One Hospitality Tax & Bookkeeping Firm

When you’re running a bar or restaurant, the last thing you have time for is keeping track of accounting records. That’s where Williamson Tax comes in. Our tax services will help you streamline your operations. From tracking your tips and helping you stay compliant to more frequent reporting and beyond.

The Williamson Tax Advantage

Working in the hospitality industry, you have enough on your shoulders. Accounting shouldn’t be one of them. With Williamson Tax, you’ll also enjoy a number of other benefits.

Get Key Business Insights

While most firms perform basic transaction categorization for bookkeeping and filing taxes without finding savings opportunities, that's only where we begin. Our experts will help you reduce your tax liability, while helping you expand your business and your net worth.

Never Miss a Deadline Again

You won’t believe how easy it is to stay compliant when you have our experts by your side. With proactive and timely communication, we’ll make sure your taxes are taken care of way before their due dates.

Enjoy Elevated Support

With Williamson Tax, you always have a trusted source of support at your fingertips. Our extensive network will ensure that no matter what you need, you get your answers.

Who We Help

Our offices are located in the North Austin and DFW metro areas. We also help clients in Dallas, Fort Worth, Cedar Park, and other cities.

Our hospitality clients include: