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Taxes in the retail industry can be complex and tricky. Williamson Tax will help you meet all compliance standards while identifying opportunities for relief.

Your All-in-One Retail Tax & Bookkeeping Firm

From sales tax to business property tax, you’ll run into a number of tax questions as a retailer. Williamson Tax will help you make sense of it all. With our tax and CPA services by your side, you can focus on your store and spend time on growth-driving activities

The Williamson Tax Advantage

Williamson Tax goes further than the average tax professional. We’re putting our decades of experience into making sure your retail operation succeeds in the long run.

Save Money

When it comes to retail taxes, there are a number of benefits and opportunities open to you. Williamson Tax will fill you in on all the best practices. You'll pay only the amount you need — nothing more, nothing less.

Track Your Inventory and Gross Margin, Effortlessly

One slip-up in your inventory process can affect your entire company’s growth and reputation. By letting us look after your tax planning, tax filing, and bookkeeping, you can avoid making costly mistakes.

Use the Right Accounts

Every retailer encounters this at some point: Confusion around bank and merchant accounts. With Williamson Tax, you can stay clear of the mess and make sure you know which accounts will take your business further.

Who We Help

Our offices are located in the North Austin and DFW metro areas. We also help clients in Dallas, Fort Worth, Cedar Park, and other cities.

Our retail clients include: