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Most firms look backward. Williamson Tax helps business owners look forward.

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Our clients have been with us for years. And the best is yet to come.

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Spending thousands on accounting with nothing to show for it? You’re not alone. Everyday, business owners lose hundreds and thousands all because they had one small tax-related question. When really, those tax questions should be leading to business growth.

It’s time to put your losses to rest. And bring your balance sheets back to life.

That’s where Williamson Tax comes in. Our clients aren’t afraid to call us for help. Because our solution removes the need for invoicing whenever you have a question. No more huge bills based on obscure time sheets during tax season. With Williamson Tax, you know your costs upfront. Every tax question you have is an opportunity to make more money in the long run.

Join Businesses Making Power Moves

These companies decided that growth didn’t have to be difficult.

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Areas of Services

Explore our areas of service. Based on your needs, we’ll create a monthly package for you that’s guaranteed to take all financial headache off your mind.

Tax Filing

We’ll file your taxes in a correct, complete, and timely manner. You can focus on what matters.

Tax Planning

Gain more visibility into your business finances. Overcome challenges before they occur.


Keep your balance sheets healthy with in-depth bookkeeping services.

CFO Consulting

Expand your business the right way with the right tactics in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

This might not be familiar territory for everyone, so we welcome the question. We realized that hourly billing resulted in a transactional relationship with clients. While we are here to provide a service, we also want to provide you with value. Our clients receive a white-glove, long-term partner that they can turn to at any time.

To ensure we keep a smooth track record of everything we do, we prefer to communicate digitally. However, we do offer paper services for a small additional fee.
Not at all. While your previous accountant may have slapped you with a 200 dollar bill for asking a question, we don’t operate like that. The random question comes included in your monthly package.
Our service tends to pay for itself, and then some

Get the ease of working with specific person. The support of a growth partner. And all the financial benefits of a tax advisor. We’re ready to get started if you are.

Of course! Federal tax preparation and filing starts at $350 and State filings are dependent on what’s required.

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